Maple Valley Amateur Emergency Radio Service

Police, fire and local government officials all recognize that following a widespread disaster, existing communications systems may be either seriously overloaded or inoperative. MVARES was formed to provide alternate communications systems for use during a disaster response in support of life safety and protection of property. MVARES exists to provide flexible, effective simple communications solutions in response to situations including, but not limited to the following "all hazards" events:

  • Natural disasters

  • Technological Disasters (HazMat Incidents)

  • Nuclear accident or Attack

  • Terrorist Incidents (Including Threats)

  • Severe weather conditions


The primary mission of Maple Valley ARES (MVARES) is to provide timely, and reliable backup emergency communications service using amateur equipment and frequencies for emergency managers, police, fire, and other official organizations within the greater Maple Valley area during times of emergency or disaster. The secondary mission of MVARES is to provide timely, and reliable backup communications service in the greater Maple Valley area during a major communications system failure.


The goals of MVARES include, but are not limited to:

  • Recruiting and training a pool of amateur radio operators qualified to provide backup emergency communications

  • Deploy those operators at the Maple Valley EOC or Field Positions whenever circumstances require.

  • Utilize those operators wisely, safely and with due regard and respect for the effort they make and the service they provide. Deploy them quickly enough, and in sufficient numbers to be of timely service.

  • Assist those operators in enhancing their experience as emergency services volunteers.

  • Assist those operators in enhancing their Amateur Radio experience.

  • Provide reassurance to city officials in the greater Maple Valley area that communications will be available to them in an emergency.


Anyone living in the greater Maple Valley area is eligible to become a member of MVARES. A valid FCC Amateur Radio Operator License, Technician class or higher is required. Members must submit to a background check and register with the City of Maple Valley as Volunteer Emergency Workers, covered under Washington State Administrative Code section WAC118-04, emergency worker class “Communications”.

Membership Duties and Responsibilities

A MVARES member agrees to participate in training and drills as provided. When called out, a member also agrees to serve as a radio operator at the Maple Valley EOC or other tactical locations as required by the event. Equipment to be operated may also include commercial radio systems and public safety radio systems. Members should monitor 146.540 MHz anytime normal communications systems fail or if local news broadcasts indicate a major event has occurred.

ARES Membership and renewal online application

Weekly Roll Call

MVARES Team members are encouraged to test their radio equipment weekly by checking into the roll call each Tuesday night at 19:30 on the Baldi Mountain Repeater, 147.140 MHz + offset, 123.0 Hz tone.

Weekly Roll Call Preamble