The Maple Valley Emergency Repeater Association (MVERA) was formed to install and maintain Amateur Radio repeater systems in the Maple Valley, WA area to further the exchange of information, to promote technical expertise, operating proficiency, and to facilitate emergency communications to assist the local ARES and CERT teams during times of emergency and disaster in the greater Maple Valley area. These radio systems are open and available to the Amateur Radio community, and we encourage the use of these resources. MVERA works together with the Maple Valley Amateur Radio Club (KC7KEY), and the Maple Valley ARES and CERT teams, to provide systems that directly benefit these groups.

Contact Chris KA0ZRW for more information and usage guidelines.

If you'd like to be one of the MVARC Tuesday Night Net operators, read the preamble here and let Chris KA0ZRW or Allen K7KNI know if you'd like to be on the roster!

Dual Mode Analog and Digital Voice Repeater, 147.26+ (103.5) KF7NPL

2m Dual Mode Analog and Digital Voice Repeater

[Note: As of October 2019, we no longer have an Internet connection at the repeater, so IRLP and Echolink are offline]

The Maple Valley 2m repeater system is an open repeater associated with the Maple Valley Amateur Radio Club and the Maple Valley ARES Team. The repeater is a low-level machine located in the heart of Maple Valley and provides RF coverage to the Greater Maple Valley area. Through EchoIRLP, the system can be connected via the Internet to repeaters, simplex nodes and end users all over the world.

147.260MHz plus offset, tone 103.5Hz

Output Frequency: 147.260MHz

Input Frequency: 147.860MHz

CTCSS Frequency: 103.5Hz

Radio: Yaesu DR-1X

Power Output: 18W

Antenna Height: 50’ tower, 480’ ASL

Antenna: Diamond X510 series, 8.3dB omni

IRLP Node 3615  

Echolink Node 286747, KF7NPL-R


      • Courtesy tone with increasing pitch indicates a local RF user, courtesy tone with decreasing pitch indicates a Echolink or IRLP user
      • Only one Echolink or IRLP connection at a time, multiple systems/users can be connected together by connecting to a IRLP Reflector or an Echolink Conference (see and for conference and reflector status)
      • Do not leave the system unattended while connected to a IRLP or Echolink node, disconnect from remote nodes when you are finished
      • Be sure to identify when controlling the system, challenge any user who does not identify (eg: “NS7C connecting to conference 9872” or “NS7C setting the repeater to event mode”)
      • Be courteous and mindful of any rules that apply to remote systems you connect to

Original coverage maps


Voice of the repeater:  The repeater has a female, British voice ID, the identity happens to be the daughter, Lauren, KD7IAM, of the original repeater owner, Scott NS7C.  Lauren does not live in the UK, and does not speak with a British accent. She did, however, attend Cornish College of the Arts and has her BFA in acting, writing and directing. Scott asked her if she would do the voice over for the repeater ID, specifically in a British accent and she was happy to comply free of charge.  

D-Star Digital Voice Repeater, 442.675+ KF7NPL_B

[Note: As of October 2019, we have lost our Internet connection at the repeater, so D-Star connections are offline]

D-Star Digital Voice Repeater, KF7NPL_B

442.675MHz +

The D-Star repeater provides full D-Star Gateway and D-Plus services.