MVARC is committed to helping the local community get started in Amateur Radio

How do I get started in Amateur Radio? 

Have you earned your Amateur Radio License, but now you are not sure how or where to operate?
Maybe you are not sure how to operate all the features on your new radio? 

MVARC members are available to help people who are just getting started in Amateur Radio, so come to an upcoming meeting for more information. Additionally, MVARC provides training and license test sessions here in the community; check the Upcoming Events link for the current schedule. MVARC also has a "Technical Committee", a team of members who are available to answer technical questions.  

Technical Committee

 Scott NS7C
 Rod WE7X

Resources on the net

The MVARC Elmers google group was created for the club members to discuss club activities and to get assistance from other club members on technical subjects. 
To subscribe: 
  1. Sign in to Google Groups
  2. Click Apply to join group.

The MVARC Elmers Yahoo Group has been migrated to the Google Group described above.  Please join MVARC on our Google Group

The American Radio Relay League - The ARRL has a wealth of educational information.

The ARRL "Getting Started Site" - ARRL's "Say Hello" getting started site.