The Maple Valley Amateur Radio Club (MVARC), an ARRL Affiliate club, is a group of amateur radio enthusiasts in the greater Maple Valley area who meet and engage in activities to further the advancement of this hobby for the good of ourselves and the community. 

What is Amateur Radio?

Amateur Radio is a non-commercial radio communication service whose primary aims are public service, technical training and experimentation, and communication between private persons. Amateur Radio operators are commonly called hams. Hams generally communicate with each other recreationally but also provide communications for others at public events or in times of emergency or disaster. Hams are licensed to operate radio transmitters by the Federal Communications Commission, and are assigned call letters. The call letters KC7KEY are assigned to the Maple Valley Amateur Radio Club. Licensing involves taking a test demonstrating knowledge in radio theory and the rules and regulations that govern the use of radio spectrum.

Event Sign Up

To sign-up to support local events as a Amateur radio operator, see the Event Sign-Up page.  MVARC participates in and supports many events in the Maple Valley area. This includes the Maple Valley Days, bike races, triathlons, and other community events. For more information, see the Events page.

Weekly Radio Net

MVARC holds a weekly social net on simplex and on the Maple Valley Repeater. The net starts at 2000 hours local time, Tuesday nights, on the repeater on 147.260+ (103.5). After the first round we switch to 146.540 simplex. This is an informal net and all are welcome to check in. For more information contact Sean NK7N. The net preamble is available here.

Monthly Meetings

Monthly meetings are held at 10 AM on the fourth Saturday of each month (except July-August and November-December) at Fire Station #81 near SR169 & SR18, 22225 SE 231st Street Maple Valley, WA 98038. All are welcome to come. Talk-In available on 146.54 MHz simplex. Please see the Events page for more info.  

Club Merchandise

Maple Valley Amateur Radio Club merchandise is available for order with the MVARC logo. Download and print this order form and bring it to a club meeting, or send it along with payment to the address listed at the bottom of the form.

Maple Valley Repeaters

MVARC, working with the Maple Valley Emergency Repeater Association, sponsors two local repeaters using call sign KF7NPL:

Analog Voice on 2M FM (KF7NPL)
147.260MHz Plus offset and tone 103.5Hz
IRLP (Node 3615) and Echolink (KF7NPL-R)

D-Star Digital Voice on 70CM (KF7NPL_B)
442.675MHz Plus offset

Contact Scott NS7C for details and usage guidelines.

Emergency Communications

MVARC has an active role with King County OEM through our ARES team. See the ARES page for more details.


MVARC periodically holds license classes and VE test sessions to help get people started in Amateur Radio. Please see the Education page for more info.

Join the Maple Valley Amateur Radio Club

More information about how to join is on the membership page.