The Maple Valley Amateur Radio Club presents topics of interest to the Amateur community at each monthly meeting. These presentations are given by the club membership and also by special guest speakers. Often these are given in the form of a PowerPoint presentation, and may include hand outs in PDF format. If they are available from the author, the PowerPoint files and PDF hand outs will be available here for download. 

Michael Champion, N7UIC Intoduction to RTL-SDR
Roger Steyaert, K7RXV Receiver Specifications
Roger Steyaert, K7RXV Vertical Antenna Myths
Dan Hrehov, N7VOE Getting Started with repeaters
Richard Francis, KE7KPK (SK) Crimp Connections Training
Richard Francis, KE7KPK (SK) Powerpoles for Station DC Power Connections
Scott Currie, NS7C D-Star DV Node Adpater and D-Star Hot Spot Software
Richard Green, KR7L PDF of the series of 5 articles about the code breakers
Matthew Kozma, AE7MK APRS and SAR
Matthew Kozma, AE7MK MVARES Emergency Workers
Matthew Kozma, AE7MK Backup Power
Scott Currie, NS7C Cyber Security in the shack
Scott Currie, NS7C D-Star Overview

MVARC takes no responsibility for the content, we provide the information here for reference only. Contact the authors if you have questions, all content should be considered covered by copyright. Any use other than personal education, should be approved by the authors. PowerPoint presentations require the user to have the PowerPoint application loaded or the free PowerPoint Viewer from Microsoft and PDF documents require a PDF viewer such as the free reader from Adobe. The free viewers can be downloaded from the following links: